Our Works

Today, Platinum’s Cars appear in series, soap operas and different productions worldwide. In this section can be seen several Miami Picture Cars vehicles in different renown international productions.

Telenovela - Anita no te rajes
Action Scene 3
Action Scene 2
Telemundo Soap Opera (Ferrari)
Action Scene
Soap Opera (Chrysler)
Telenovela - Perro Amor (Boat)
Telenovela - Perro Amor (Corvette)
Telenovela - Donde está Elisa (Cars & Moto)
Telenovela - Donde está Elisa (Mini)
Telenovela - Donde está Elisa (Police Cars)
Telenovela - Prisionera (Stunt cars)
Telenovela - Prisionera (Cars)
Telenovela - Prisionera
Telenovela - Dame Chocolate (Yate)
Telenovela - Dame Chocolate
Telenovela - Anita no te rajes 2
Action Scene 4